Lascivio understands that when any digital media product relies upon the user interaction to deliver its value, then the user experience is the product.

Even the greatest features will not impress if the user cannot interact with them in a meaningful and useful way.

By reversing the creative approach we begin everything with a clear definition and understanding of the end result.

We start with a detailed brief on exactly what must be delivered – the user experience. From there all decisions become subject to this ultimate objective.

Lascivio defines a user experience based on three deltas of interaction. This technique focuses on the changes triggered in the user in three areas – the intellectual change, the emotional change, and the motive change.

This can also be described as what you want the user to think, feel and do

as a result of their interaction.

Our Approach


To deliver results Lascivio works with your key people to create a User Experience Plan for your project. This becomes your guiding principle for all decisions throughout the creation of the project and beyond.

One effect of the User Experience Plan is to align all forces and resources that may be disparate or even in conflict.

With everyone working on the same end goal assumptions are removed and project collaboration and coordination is at its best.


Your Project

The principles that embody the Lascivio Design begin at the conceptual start of any new project. The earlier these principles are adopted the more powerful their effect will be and the better the result. It is never too soon to get us involved, but there is also no such thing as too late.

Lascivio can help you with more than implementing a project, we can also assist with creating core design elements of your digital media.

With Lascivio on your team you will never be stuck for a solution again.

More than Design


Recent discussions by industry heavyweights at seminars, expos and conferences have begun to shift their focus away from what they create and toward what the user receives. The paradigm shift has already begun, and Lascivio is already delivering solutions that are shaping the future of digital interaction.

Lascivio also offers a comprehensive management of the user experience from conception to ongoing operation. Everything including operations, management, policies and procedures, support and maintenance, product enhancement and expansion, customer service – everything benefits from aligning to the User Experience Plan of the project.