Merchandising, Cross Platforms,

Often a product or service will cross into multiple streams of interaction. In these cases a single User Experience Plan is not enough to manage all paths of distribution.

Lascivio provides strategic management of the user experience to ensure that individual plans stay within the big picture.

The more diverse the project the more important it can be to have a unified strategy. The User Experience Strategy

is the best way to ensure all elements focus and deliver on what is important.

Wether you are broadening your product into new markets or media streams, or simply adding an interactive tutorial, Lascivio can help you ensure that your synergy and purpose is maintained.

After all, good planning should begin

at the highest levels.


User Experience Management


Online Portals, Web Software,

Java, Mobile Device Apps.

An interactive site has different goals and higher investment than static pages. Lascivio’s User Experience Plan helps manage the expanded objectives of web apps to deliver specific results.

Smartphone and mobile apps simplify and tailor the functionality of an interactive web site and these have their own wholly different user experience requirements.

Sites and Applications

Interactive web sites and apps are often an extension of a business or operation that exists outside of the digital world.

Lascivio can help ensure that the site not only does its job but also embodies the spirit of who and what it represents.

The user experience of online web portals is more important than the generic customer service standards. Unlike a human, online media cannot read the emotions of a user, nor apologise or make amends when it disappoints them.


Remote Apps, Customising Software, Useability/Functionality.

The most powerful applications are still only as good as their user experience. How the software interacts is more important than what it does.

Lascivio’s User Experience Plan allows practical functionality to merge with a superior experience.

More than just a convenient user interface, Lascivio also helps ensure that the functionality meets its objectives for the user and that the software represents your business.

The user's intuition ultimately controls their interaction with the software. Lascivio believes that the Help menu, manuals and training should be secondary to an intuitive and logical interface.


Functionality and Interface


E-Learning, Online Tutorials, Simulations, Interactive Studies.

The success of learning and training systems lies in the retention of knowledge by those who use it.

Lascivio applies innovative learning techniques to help ensure that all elements of any program make the retention of knowledge easier. A User Experience Plan for education focuses on overcoming the barriers to learning in any interactive medium.

Training Systems

Most interactive learning systems are built to deliver results in the absence of tutors, trainers of facilitators. In truth, the interactive system IS the trainer and must fulfil all of the duties normally carried out by trained educators.

Lascivio's methodolgy helps the user immerse in their own educational experience so that they can convert information into knowledge.

Lascivio believes that combining education with entertainment is the best way to maximise retention.