MMOs, Training Sims, Virtual Worlds.

Immersive environments have specific challenges that make their user experience more complicated and more significant.

Lascivio draws upon thousands of hours of experience in all forms of online virtual worlds to provide highly tailored User Experience Plans for these large and detailed projects.

Virtual Environments

Whether your project is a sandbox, a training simulation, or a serious game, Lascivio can provide the design and delivery methods to immerse your audience.

Virtual environment operators are discovering that user churn is their biggest challenge. Keeping the audience engaged requires far more than pretty graphics and copying existing successful ideas.

With Lascivio your virtual world can lead, rather than merely follow.


Online Games, Multiplayer, Social Networks, Mobile Games.

The creation of digital media games typifies the clash of the creative meeting the practical when building such entertainment.

A Lascivio User Experience Plan for games focuses on delivering entertainment that meets the criteria most relative to the platform and customer base of the type of game.

Single player games are more story-intensive, social network games rely heavily on viral marketing, and online multiplayer games need addictive and immersive experiences. Lascivio taps into thousands of hours of experience with all forms of online games and applies a consulting mentality to their design process.

Innovation comes standard with the Lascivio Design - tailored to the audience, story, and delivery of the game model.

Story Franchise and IP Management


Intellectual Property, Media Crossovers.

Making any story properly transition from one medium to another is both an enormous risk and a great opportunity.

Doing so with Lascivio provides the best decision-making for the changes that need to be made.

Few story franchises are pre-built to move between platforms or media.


Lascivio provides guidance on the strategic decisions and planning needed to launch an existing franchise in a new direction. By remaining true to the original concepts the audience can be further engaged, rather than alienated. Too many have failed completely by diluting their original fanbase.

Lascivio's User Experience Strategy mitigates the risks of a franchise crossover. We believe that for a properly managed story franchise there is no limit to the directions it can take.


Short & Feature Films, Animation, Machinima, Visualised Novels.

A good story is a major element of any effective user experience.

Lascivio can provide assistance in crafting stories that lend themselves to delivering a planned user experience.

Film Video Storytelling

Rather than an artistic expression of a singular vision, Lascivio creates stories intended to drive audience response.

With Lascivio your storytelling becomes a valuable tool in creating a long term fanbase and audience from which a larger franchise can blossom.

Lascivio can help find the right balance between creativity, vision, and purpose for any story and delivery medium.