In January 2006 Lascivio was created by its principle Brenton Burchmore. After a long career in IT and business management Brenton began research on existing online entertainment models.

The purpose was to better understand the challenges of building successful entertainment products – and to find a better way.

Over the next few years Brenton and a select team at Lascivio investigated every process and method of designing and building online and interactive mediums. Web portals, the YouTube phenomenon, social networking, online applications, Internet video & film, as well as online games – they were all explored for their commonalities and differences.

A consultative and analytical approach was applied to traditionally creative and organic fields of digital media.

Our Story


By 2007 a clear pattern emerged which would define the future of Lascivio and was the starting point of the innovative Lascivio Design.

It was clear that nearly all online products and services were built using the traditional creative process. This is where original ideas are spawned from a limitless field of possibility and are then beaten, crushed or cut apart by the necessity of commercial reality.

The final result is often an unplanned compromise between desire and practicality which misses many of its original goals. The value of such a product in a competitive marketplace becomes impossible to predict, thus making most digital media projects high risk ventures.

Lascivio devised a process that gives consistency, predictability and control - taking the guesswork out of creating of digital media.

Lascivio created an alternative model that turns the traditional and uncertain process on its head. The Lascivio Design is a complete reversal of the usual methods.

Since then Lascivio has been providing consulting services to businesses and designers in such diverse industries as online games, film, business software, training platforms and much more.

At Lascivio the mold has already been broken.

Industry Trends


Recent discussions by industry heavyweights at seminars, expos and conferences have begun to shift their focus away from what they create and toward what the user perceives.

Digital media is becoming less about content and more about context, and the user experience is what defines the difference. The race is on to give users exactly what they want - near enough is no longer good enough.

The paradigm shift has already begun, and Lascivio is already delivering the answers that are shaping the future of digital interaction.

After all, for anything that interacts digitally it's user experience really is the product. Designing it any other way means taking the old risks we no longer have to.

Don't fall behind the curve, don't let your project miss out, ask Lascivio how we can help you today.